Did he hurt Lucinka? I didn’t want to, but…, Matuš repented

“I didn’t want to give birth because I’m such a sensitive soul, but I went because I love Lucinka. It took a long time, the wait. The birth went great. I even cut my umbilical cord. I even cried for a while, and I never cry, “he confided emotionally for the said website. Bohuš Matuš […]

Shaken »overweight« Lucinka by Matuš: HELL FROM AN Unexpected SIDE

They are said to be a problem Matušovy overly intrusive admirers. “I am forbidden to communicate with female fans. Lucka is worse off of the fan. It’s almost cute to be jealous, but sometimes it’s too much. There had been a bit of conflict before. If it was on Lucca, she would have kicked them […]