GGD Flevoland starts risk-based source and contact investigation

Source and contact research is of great importance in combating the virus. At the moment, the number of tests conducted in Flevoland is high and the contamination level is unfortunately rising sharply. Every day we see about 50 infections. The percentage of positively tested persons on the test lanes fluctuates around 5%. The pressure that […]

Koning visits Leiderdorpse corona test street and the GGD office

Thursday, 10 September 2020, 13:28 LEADERDORP – On Thursday morning, King Willem-Alexander paid a visit to the corona test street of GGD Hollands Midden in Leiderdorp. He also visited the GGD office in Leiden, the infectious disease control department, the place where the source and contact investigations into the corona virus also take place. At […]

A resident of Rotterdam who asked for money for a free corona test

Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 10:39 PM A 24-year-old Rotterdammer was arrested on Tuesday for fraud with corona tests. The employee of the national corona number told dozens of people who called for an appointment that they had to pay before they could take a test, RTL News reports. The test is free. How much he […]

Two new deaths in Limburg from coronavirus

/ Roermond – Two new deaths were reported in Limburg on Sunday due to the coronavirus. Four people who have been infected with the virus have been hospitalized. This is evident from the daily update of both Limburg GGDs. A person died in North and Central Limburg, as in South Limburg, according to the latest […]

Two new deaths from corona in Limburg

The new coronavirus also killed two people on Friday. A person who became infected with the virus had to be hospitalized with serious complaints. This is evident from the daily figures of both Limburg GGDs. Both dead were equally divided over the province: one in South and one in North Limburg. In total, the virus […]

Corona: one new hospitalization, two deaths 1Limburg

The Limburg GGDs have received two new deaths since Thursday because of the corona virus. In addition, one new patient has been or has been admitted with corona-related complaints. These figures seem to be stabilizing in our province. Figures have been steadily low in recent weeks. In total, at least 716 people in Limburg have […]

Downward trend of coronavirus continues in Limburg | 1Limburg

The downward trend of the corona virus continues in Limburg. As in the previous days, the number of new infections, hospital admissions and deaths has remained stable. This is evident from figures from the two Limburg GGDs. Also read: Corona in Limburg: figures from 20 May 24 new corona infections have been reported in the […]