We wore “Ruse boiled”, we slept with …

Tennis legend Manuela Maleeva told Sasho Dikov interesting moments from her biography tonight. The Bulgarian was invited to comment on the case with Nole Djokovic and Australia. “There are rules there. I don’t know the details of taking sides, certainly Nole and the state have arguments. But the rules are to be followed. I remember […]

Hristo Ivanov to Geshev: We must receive your resignation

The chairman of the General Assembly of the DB Hristo Ivanov from the rostrum of the parliament PHOTO: Velislav Nikolov “The rule of law depends on having an accountable attorney general, Mr. Geshev. It starts with a resignation. Your resignation, Mr. Geshev. We have to get it. You are here and I allow myself to […]

Geshev is on leave, the probability of appearing before the legal commission is minimal

According to an analysis by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the text of the parliament’s rules of procedure, according to which the chief prosecutor must report to the National Assembly at least every three months, is unconstitutional. And he will be attacked in front of the Constitutional Court Deputies from the DB and IBGNI were ready […]

Sensational news about the mysterious disappearance of Yanek Milanov

A year after the disappearance of Yanek Milanov from Dupnitsa, there is still no trace of him, writes “Labor“The searches of the Dyakovo dam and the area around it did not yield results, and the man in whose jeep Janek got on the night of July 31, 2020 is silent. The interrogations of Vasil Kaplanov […]