Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer, which is better?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – during the outbreak corona virus crash, campaign #cucitangan continues to be echoed by governments, health workers, and everyone else. Not only that, hand sanitizer Many are placed in various corners of the room to keep hands clean. The hope is that the corona virus does not stick in people’s hands so that […]

New approaches to cancer and resistant germs – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Antibacterial effects and potential areas of application of plasma treatment Plasma medicine includes new types of treatment that can be used, for example, to treat cancer, resistant bacteria or to heal chronic wounds. An international research team recently developed a unique process to generate plasma directly in liquids. As a result, plasma medicine is taking […]

To eliminate viruses and prevent spreading infection, keep in salt water

With the spread of viruses and infection, many seek to search and use all methods that reduce the risk of spreading diseases and infection, whether by washing hands constantly or taking vitamin C, which enhances the health of the immune system and the wearing of a medical mask throughout the day. healthline A simple way […]