Sad moment for the German national team

Jakarta – German National Team eliminated from Euro 2020. Failure is said to be a sad moment for Die Mannschaft. When competing at Wembley Stadium, Tuesday (29/6/2021) night WIB, Germany lost 0-2 to English. Goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane decisive victory for The Three Lions. Germany conceded in the 75th minute. Luke Shaw’s […]

England vs Germany line-up

London – The line-up of the duel of the last 16 Euro 2020 Among England vs Germany already announced. Here are the names that fill in starting line-up. Duel England vs Germany will start at Wembley, Tuesday (29/6/2021) at 23.00 WIB. Good Gareth Southgate as England manager and Joachim Loew as a German tactician apply […]

Mourinho’s Brave Predictions About England vs Germany at Euro 2020

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Jose Mourinho without hesitation say duel England vs Germany can be likened to a semifinal duel in Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) because the winner will go smoothly to the final. Mourinho believes that both teams have the quality to reach the final if they come out victorious in the match. “For […]

2 Group Hell Teams Already Knocked Out of Euro 2020

Jakarta – A total of 2 teams from hell group, French and Portugal, has been eliminated from Euro 2020. German will follow both? When drawing Euro 2020, Group F is considered to have the fiercest competition. The defending champions, Portugal, the world champions, France, Germany and Hungary occupy the group. The results in the group […]

England vs Germany Time Bomb in Euro 2020 Round of 16

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — English vs German both have weaknesses ahead of the meeting in the last 16 Euro 2020 (Euro 2021). A weakness that could be a time bomb for both teams when they meet at Wembley Stadium. Two eternal rivals in international football, England vs Germany, will meet in the round of 16 […]

England vs Germany Prediction in the Round of 16 Euro 2020

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Laga England vs Germany will be the big match to look forward to in the round Euro 2020 last 16 (Euro 2021). Here are the predictions for the England vs Germany match. The classic match between the two countries seemed to re-evoke memories of the past. During the preliminary phase, England […]

Germany Struggles to 16 Big Euro 2020, Mueller Not Worried

London – Thomas mueller don’t worry German stumbling in the group stage ahead of facing English in the last 16. He considered that the process of Die Maanschaft performed better. England vs Germany will be presented at Wembley in the round of 16 Euro 2020, Tuesday (29/6/2021) early morning WIB. This match can be seen […]

England Considered Not Germany’s Main Rival

London – Rivalry English and German has been happening for a long time. Even so, The Three Lions not considered as the biggest opponent The team. England vs Germany presented in the round of 16 Euro 2020. The duel of the two European giants was held at Wembley Stadium, Tuesday (29/6/2021) night WIB. Both teams […]

16 Teams Qualify for Euro 2020 Round of 16

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Sixteen teams have made it through to the round of 16 Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) after the last matchday of the group stage, Thursday (24/6) early morning WIB. The certainty was known after four teams secured the remaining tickets to the round of 16. The four teams include Spain, Germany, Portugal […]

You have to believe in miracles – Bence Divine in the fan zone

Bence Istenes is clearly pushing against Germany in the European Championship for the success of the Hungarian national team. We talked to the television presenter in the fan zone of the city park, where he also told us what he had experienced at the Pusk├ís Arena with Attila Fiola’s goal. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPGROUP CIRCUIT, GROUP FROUND […]