Imported gas for Ukraine fell in price for the first time since summer

Фото: Getty Images Imported gas fell by $20 per month – – The cost of imported gas began to grow in the summer of last year, following the results of January, a decrease was recorded for the first time. The cost of imported gas for Ukraine in January fell for the first time since last […]

Moldova announced a reduction in the price of Russian gas

Фото: Getty Images Moldovagaz announced a new price for Russian gas – – The decrease in the cost of gas will allow Moldovagaz to compensate for part of the negative financial deviations. In February, Moldova will buy Russian natural gas at a price of more than $80 cheaper than in January. This was announced by […]

In Europe, the price of gas for the week rose by almost 20%

Photo: Gas prices in Europe rose by almost 20% in a week – – On Friday, gas in Europe traded at $1,065 per thousand cubic meters. Quotes rose by 17%. In Europe, the gas price ended the weekly trading at $1,065 per thousand cubic meters. About it testify London ICE data on Friday, January […]

Gazprom filed for arbitration against the Polish company PGNIG

PGNIG noted that on January 14, 2022, the company received a lawsuit from the representative of Gazprom and Gazprom Export to the Arbitration Court of Stockholm. The document contains a requirement to increase the price of gas supplied under the Yamal contract. As explained in the Polish company, “Gazprom” expects to revise the contract price […]

The price of gas in Europe jumped by 11%

Photo: GTS operator of Ukraine Gas in Europe rises in price at the end of the week – – The cost of the February futures exceeded $1,120 per thousand cubic meters. The price rose by 11%. The cost of gas at auction in Europe on Friday, January 14, increased by 11%. – Thus, the February […]

Europe predicted the largest gas shortage

Photo: Europe may not have enough gas until the end of the heating season – – By the end of March 2022, gas reserves in Europe may decline to 15%, the crisis may drag on until 2025, analysts say. In the coming months, Europe may face the largest gas shortage due to low reserves […]

Gas prices in Europe returned to 1000 dollars

Gas prices rise at the beginning of the year – – At the end of last year, the cost of gas dropped to $ 800, but in the first days of the new year returned to $ 1000. The price of gas on the European market on Tuesday, January 4, again reached $ 1,000 per […]

Gas in Europe fell to $ 1,000

Photo: Reuters Gas prices returned to the average level of recent months – – Gas prices are declining after reaching a record nearly $ 2,200 per thousand cubic meters on December 21. The cost of gas at auctions in Europe on Thursday, December 30, fell by 10% to almost $ 1,000 per thousand cubic meters. […]