Putin stirs unrest in the European gas market – Natural gas analysis

Photographer RM / Shutterstock.com Analyse natural gas Yesterday 5:30 pm – Jurphaas Lugtenburg The big news on the gas market this week is that the Dutch GasTerra no longer receives gas from the Russian Gazprom. The market reaction to that decision was limited. Are market parties reacting in a hypothermic way or are the consequences […]

Shell and Danish energy company Ørsted also stop buying Russian gas | NOW

Shell and the Danish energy company Ørsted are the next companies to stop getting Russian gas from Gazprom. Both companies refuse to pay their bills in rubles. Per Today For the same reason, Gazprom no longer supplies the Dutch gas trading company GasTerra. At Shell, this concerns gas that would be supplied to customers in […]

Cabinet gives energy companies money to store gas | NOW

Dutch energy companies can apply for a subsidy to fill the gas storage in Bergermeer, the cabinet announced on Friday. A European directive obliges countries to have an average of 80 percent gas of their storage capacity, in case Russia suddenly turns off the gas tap. EUR 406 million is being earmarked for the scheme. […]

Russian sanctions halt gas supply through Polish pipeline to Europe | NOW

Due to sanctions imposed by Russia against European energy companies, Gazprom will no longer be able to supply gas to Europe through the Yamal-Europe pipeline. The Russian state-owned company reported this on Thursday. The pipeline is operated by a company that is on the sanctions list. It is already the second pipeline whose supply has […]

Price of 12 Kg LPG Reaches Rp. 208,000, Poor People’s Gas Becomes Fighting

Jakarta – The price of 12 kg or non-subsidized LPG has increased since Sunday (27/2). The increase follows the latest developments from the rising oil and gas industry. Based on monitoring detik.com in South Tangerang (Tangsel), the price of non-subsidized LPG gas at grocery stalls varies. The highest occurred in the Pondok Ranji area where […]

Announcement! Price of 12 Kg LPG Rises, at Agents So Rp 187,000/tube

Jakarta – Starting today LPG non-subsidized new prices apply. PT Pertamina (Persero) through Sub Holding Commercial & Trading, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga has raised LPG price non-subsidized to Rp 15,500 per kg. The question is, what is the price of 12 kg LPG at the agent level? Launching the official Pertamina website, Sunday (27/2/2022), there […]