Genshin Impact reveals patch 1.4 information with new character Rosaria.

Genshin Impact Live Steam held live, revealing the new information of Patch 1.4, featuring a new character “Rosaria” with fun activities. Many in the wind city festival for the fans Have fun together With details as follows New character Rosaria Provides a voice over by Kakuma Ai. According to the story, Rosaria is a sister […]

Reverse Draft 1vs1 Anyone sure will come to trade !!

Friends RoV Who are lovely to everyone and followers sports Everyone in the previous period will be a race. RPL 2021 That everyone was able to keep an eye on each other without losing sight, which is Tournament Big competition at the beginning of the year But there are special items that come in the […]

Launched new mobile games FinalFantasy VII The First Soldier and EVER CRISIS

Square Enix Has revealed new content trailer that will come to fans Continued to play in Final Fantasy VII Remake:¬†INTERGRADE On the consoles already But in addition, it also has secretly launchedgameNew sectors on mobile phones to fans. Has screamed 2 gameTogether ever! BothgameWill begameWhich genre and how attractive it is Don’t wait any longer […]

Before the deadline! Free Epic Games Store Rage 2 and Absolute Drift Games

Of course! When the shop Epic Games Store Reveal two campaign giveaways.gameFree teases that disciples can already own. By starting withgameFirst, I open my head. Rage 2 areGamesGore action from two popular camps, Avalanche Studio and Id Software, that release their creative strengths with an applause. Whether it is an open world, combined with a […]

It has arrived! The first trailer for the movie Mortal Kombat Reboot

After revealing information and releasing pictures promoting the characters to follow. Now the first trailer for the movie. Mortal Kombat The Reboot edition has been officially released. I could tell that this battle was filled with blood. And fun, not lost ingameOf course! Works from New Line Cinema to great adventures on the big screen […]

Nintendo Direct includes great game announcements To come and play in 2021

Nintendo Direct returns to the players. Nintendo Switch FollowedgameNew to come out to play together Which this time there are both announcementsgameNew return ofgameFamous name and supplementary content ofgamePopular to have to play all year. Direct sales, which games will be interesting this time? So don’t wait any longer and hurry up and go and […]

Square Enix has revealed the full gameplay of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 …

If anyone is a Square Enix fan, you probably already know that Phi Liam is going to release a video.gameIP intersectiongameA big name like NieR in both console and mobile versions. By today we will update news of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… that is an update on graphics and system quality. Gameplay ofgameThat had been released […]

There may be new FFVII Remake information released sometime this week.

It looks like fans gameWaiting for new information on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it may be exciting news that will not be long ago. The main Twitter of Final Fantasy director Motomu Toriyama has tweeted in Japanese that Some information will be disclosed this week. The release date will be during the Final Fantasy 7 […]

Unboxing the PlayStation 5, Thai centers, come try testing

From having to wait or some people can’t wait Have to pay heavy to buy the device. PlayStation 5 Or PS5 imported from abroad for a very expensive price Now at Sony Thai Center Has brought the PS5 to be sold for purchase at a Thai price already But with a limited number of machines […]