Arisa, the disappointment on Instagram after the indiscretion on Amici

4 August 2021 Arisa, the new life starts from itself: “I just want to love” Arisa vents on Instagram after the rumors about his future ad Friends. The show of Maria De Filippi will soon be back on TV and the presenter is already working to build the cast of the next edition. If the […]

Maria De Filippi, Amici 21 starts early: the indiscretion

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, 25 years of marriage: their love story The news comes completely unexpected, also because it was not announced during the presentation of the Mediaset schedules for next autumn: it seems that Friends 21 is about to leave well in advance of the usual schedule. Maria De Filippi, in short, […]

Rosa Di Grazia kisses a student of Amici who is not Deddy

June 25, 2021 Giulia Stabile: boyfriend, parents, TikTok and the victory at Amici 2021 Rose Of Grace kisses a pupil of Friends which is not Deddy. A few months after the end of Maria De Filippi’s talent comes a sensational twist. In fact, a video published by Enula tells of a kiss between the show’s […]

Michele Merlo, the date of the funeral has been established

Mike Bird, Emma’s dedication during the concert and the words of the VIPs It left everyone stunned and saddened the disappearance of Michele Merlo, the twenty-eight-year-old singer who attended the talent show Friends by Maria De Filippi in 2017 with the stage name Mike Bird. He died after being hit by a cerebral hemorrhage and […]

Friends 2021, Martina and Raffaele in love: the kiss on Instagram

Giulia Stabile: boyfriend, parents, TikTok and the victory at Amici 2021 Martina and Raffaele they are in love: to confirm it a kiss appeared on the Instagram profile of the dancer who decided to come out and live in the light of only the new love. After Friends 2021 and the end of the love […]

Lorella Cuccarini, new projects at Mediaset? A program all for you

Fresh from the success of the last edition of Friends, Lorella Cuccarini it could become one of the leading faces of Mediaset’s autumn. The next television season of the network in fact provides lots of news, with several maneuvers to counter the queen of Sunday afternoon Mara Venier. It was Barbara D’Urso who confirmed that […]

Friends, because Rudy’s attacks against Aka7even and Raffaele are useless

In the evening of Friends the going gets tough and the new episode consumatasi on Channel 5 as usual he tested the singing and dancing talents still in the competition. The professors have sided in favor of their teams and – some of them – there was no shortage of harsh criticism against other talents. […]

Friends, advances sixth episode: who will be eliminated

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests Who will be eliminated in the sixth episode of Friends 2021? There are now very few appointments to go to the final and the challenge is getting more and more heated. In the last episodes there have been many strong and beloved characters from the public who […]

Friends: Veronica Peparini’s daughter moves, Lorella against Celentano

Emotion and tears ad Friends 2021 where an episode full of strong emotions was staged, from the performance of Olivia, daughter of Veronica Peparini, to the clash between Lorella Cuccarini e Alessandra Celentano. Veronica Peparini’s daughter, born of her love for Fabrizio Prolli, took part in the choreography of Giulia on the notes and The […]

Friends 2021, Rosa vents on Instagram: “I received threats”

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests Rosa, dancer of Friends 2021, he unleashes on Instagram, revealing that he has received death threats. Twenty years and a great love for dance, the competitor of the Maria De Filippi show it immediately ended up in the sights of Alessandra Celentano. In fact, the teacher has […]