Coronavirus patients develop aversion to alcohol

Of course, COVID-19 carries with it a whole train of serious consequences, against the background of which aversion to alcohol looks like some kind of nonsense. And yet, the number of patient reports about such a reaction of the organism in the “postcovid” is growing like a snowball. “Now I don’t perceive alcohol at all. […]

America and Biden: thanks to grandfather for the victory

Citizens are demolishing monuments to great compatriots for having slaves in slave times. That is, give the law on the abolition of slavery retroactive. It’s like we would demolish the monument to Pushkin because he owned serfs at the beginning of the 19th century. However, the monument to Pushkin could probably have been protected from […]

Ruble doomed to depreciation – MK

No temporary, situational positive will breathe life into it, no measures of state support will stop the process of endless depreciation. Gaining back losses at some moments, the ruble will steadily slide into the abyss, annually losing at least 10–20% of its value. It’s all about the resource-based, rental nature of the Russian economy, as […]

A double epidemic awaits us in the cold season: influenza and COVID

The season of influenza and SARS is approaching, and the level of anxiety in society is growing. This year it will not be the same as before: we will have to face two infections at once with a high risk of serious complications, including deaths. Therefore, right now you need to take care of your […]

Constitutional vote poses risk to Kremlin

Putin is racing for a new mandate of trust Many historians consider Gorbachev’s fatal mistake the fact that he did not dare to go through the crucible of popular elections for the post of president of the USSR, but was content with his election to this position by participants in the Congress of People’s Deputies. […]

Cells of Coronavirus-infected People Overgrow Tentacles

California scientists have found a new mechanism of infection COVID-19 Scientists examined infected cells under a microscope and saw sprouting tentacle-like spikes on them. Stuffed, like the cell itself with viral particles, these spikes reach the neighboring healthy cells to infect them. “It’s so ominous that the virus, before killing cells, first uses them to […]

Efremov smashed for open secret of the opposition

The artist was demoted to “bacteria” after confessions Efremov, through his lawyer, conveyed his position to those who are trying to find the political background and the regime’s hand in a fatal accident – Putin did not ask to get drunk behind the wheel. And then the artist admits: where I am, and where is […]

Putin fooled officials with words about a successor

The week was remembered by the tax on the rich, secret flights abroad, the beating of Sobchak and the poisonous tundra Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on Tuesday slightly diminished the fire under the cauldron of class hatred. He ordered the introduction of an increased tax for those who receive more than 5 million rubles a year, […]