The Story of a Schoolgirl Hoax That Ends Beheading French Teacher Samuel Paty

loading… PARIS – Who would have thought the terrible beheading the history teacher experienced at French , Samuel Paty, last year was triggered by fake stories or hoaxes from his 13 year old student. The student, identified by the local media by the initials Z, initially told her father that Paty, 47, had asked Muslim […]

Horrified by Deadly Attacks, French Muslims Protect the Church

loading… PARIS – As a person Muslim birth FrenchElyazid Benferhat felt nauseous when he heard about the deadly Islamist extremist attack on a church in Nice. He then decided to act. A man who describes himself as loving peace and pragmatism, Benferhat and a friend gathered a group of young Muslims to stand guard outside […]

UAE Foreign Minister Supports Macron’s Statement on Muslim Integration

loading… DUBAI – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Minister) United Arab Emirates (UAE) Anwar Gargash called on Muslims to accept the President’s attitude French Emmanuel Macron on the “integration” claim. “(Muslims) must listen carefully to what Macron said in his speech, he does not want to isolate Muslims in the West, and he is absolutely right,” […]

Macron The Largest Terrorist in the World

loading… DHAKA – Tens of thousands of Muslims rallied on Bangladesh call the President French Emmanuel Macron as the biggest terrorist in the world. They also called for a boycott of French products. The demonstration was held after the murder was carried out by a Tunisian migrant in a French church. France is home to […]

Macron’s Attitude to Cartoons Inspire …

loading… MOSCOW – Leader Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov considers the President French Emmanuel Macron inspired terrorists by justifying the publication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Macron views the cartoon’s publication as proof of the right to free speech being protected in France. Kadyrov is a close alliance of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov argued after […]

Paris gripped by bomb threats and the discovery of a bag of ammunition

loading… PARIS – The situation in Paris, French, gripping with a number of bomb threats and the discovery of ammunition. Several locations in Paris were evacuated in anticipation of security. The Paris Champ de Mars Park around the Eiffel Tower was evacuated shortly after the discovery of the bag containing ammunition. The statement was disclosed […]

French Products Boycott Movement Gains Momentum in Bangladesh

loading… DHAKA – Product boycott movement French gaining momentum on Bangladesh, the third largest Muslim majority country in the world. Currently, Muslims around the world criticize French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments in favor of the re-publishing of the characters that insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The caricature that Charlie Hebdo released in 2015 came into the […]

Arab Christians Criticize French Insult Against …

loading… DOHA – Arab Christians on Sunday joined those who condemned the recent statements by the authorities French against Islam and Nabi Muhammad. On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he would not prevent the publication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad under the pretext of freedom of expression, a statement that sparked outrage in […]

Saudi Senior Scholars Council: Insulting the Prophet Muhammad Only …

loading… RIYADH – Council of Senior Scholars Saudi Arabia, the highest religious body in the country, said insulting the Prophet Muhammad only serves extremists who wish to spread hatred among the people. The statement comes amid a controversy over the use of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in French school classes about freedom of expression […]

French President Shuts Down Mosques for Teacher Beheadings

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – President French Emmanuel Macron said the militant Islamic group was involved in beheading teachers who showed caricatures Nabi Muhammad. Launch Associated Press, Macron said that the group has been ordered to be disbanded, the mosque where they gathered will also be closed. The mosque on the northeastern outskirts of Paris, Pantin, […]