lifting of the obligation for 21 new departments

In all, 68 territories are now affected by the lifting of this measure to prevent the spread of covid-19. In the other 33, the circulation of the virus remains too high. Since Monday, October 4, already, students from 47 departments were exempt from wearing a mask once they entered their classroom. On October 6, the […]

new recurrence of the Var display

Michel-Ange Flori, already condemned for having occupied the billboards representing the president as dictator, returns to the charge after the crisis of the submarines, pointing out a France humiliated by Australia. After Hitler’s mustache, Pétain’s kepi and Louis XVI’s wig, make way for “slip kangourou“. The wild poster of the Var, who had posted an […]

Opposed to offshore wind turbines, fishermen demonstrate in Cherbourg and Le Havre

A hundred boats slowed down the activity of these two ports on Friday morning, before a dispute carried out on dry land. Professionals of the sea, they fear that the masts will scarcer the fishery resources. “No, offshore wind turbines should not replace fishermen!”, “Let’s preserve our heritage and our artisanal fishing!”. Of the fifty […]

Emmanuel Macron in Roubaix to announce a strengthening of the control of the police

The President of the Republic relaunches the security project on Tuesday at the school for peacekeepers in Roubaix, where he comes to close the “Beauvau of security”. Without yet being a candidate for his own succession, Emmanuel Macron intends to refine his regal posture by launching new “major projects” in the short term, which could […]

Darmanin announces state of natural disaster

The Interior Minister, visiting the Gard hit by severe weather and flooding, also said that a person was still missing. “A person is still wanted” in the Gard, announced Tuesday evening Gérald Darmanin, visiting Bernis, a town particularly affected by bad weather. The Gard department, hit by heavy rains and flooding on Tuesday, was temporarily […]

This educational method inspired by ancestral tribes that is a hit in the United States

MAINTENANCE – Children, irrational beings whose crises should be ignored until the age of 8? After a trip around the world, the American science journalist Michaeleen Doucleff gives us the instructions for use by Inuit parents and Mayan or Tanzanian tribes in the book phenomenon in the USA, Hunter, Gatherer, Parent. Caprices, difficulty falling asleep, […]

What if the sirens are blaring? 78% of French people don’t know

An Ifop poll published on Friday indicates that a majority of French people do not know what to do in the event of a natural or industrial disaster, and would like to be better informed. They howl every first Wednesday of the month, at noon … And the French, who nevertheless know this noise by […]

“We do not perpetuate traditions, we reinvent them”

THE BROTHERHOODS (1/6) – With 600 years of existence, this brotherhood of lay Catholics has experienced a new lease of life since the 1990s. Le Figaro met the “living memories” of the “Nice spirit”. Seated on a terrace in the Old Town, under the midday sun, three accomplices are talking vehemently. In 1860, was the […]

incidents on the sidelines of a demonstration in Bobigny

VIDEO – Thirty-seven people were arrested in the evening of Saturday in Seine-Saint-Denis, after a demonstration in Bobigny in support of Théo L., violently arrested in Aulnay-sous-Bois last week. Incidents broke out on the sidelines of a rally of several hundred demonstrators Saturday afternoon in Bobigny in support of Théo L., victim of an alleged […]

Hidalgo promises that there will be “no more drug addicts” from Wednesday

In order to relieve the inhabitants of the Stalingrad district, crack users have been grouped together since mid-May, in the evening, in this place that drug addicts used to frequent during the day. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo assured Tuesday that “tomorrow” Wednesday, “there will be no more drug addicts in the garden»D’Eole, reiterating […]