Free PLN Electricity Token December 2020: Login or Chat WA 08122123123

LEFT CIRCLE – Free electricity tokens PLN December 2020 by logging in or WA chat 08122123123. In this article we will discuss the complete easy way to get free electricity tokens from PLN. Good news for household customers, Government through PLN providing electricity bill relief until December 2020. Also Read: BMKG: East Java Weather […]

Check again for the November Free Electricity Token at

Jakarta – Early November get ready to get free electricity tokens. The method is easy, detikers only need to access the site free electricity tokens given in the form of a discount of 100% and 50%. 100 percent discount or free for 450 VA household, small business, industrial and small social customers. Meanwhile, 50% […]

24.16 Million Customers Get Free Electricity Assistance from PLN, How To Get It Easily Via HP It is fun that 24.16 million customers get free electricity assistance from PLN, directly login to or WhatsApp or via cellphone. MOTOR – Excited 24.16 million customers can help free electricity from PLN, directly login or whatsApp or via HP. Bikers can get subsidized assistance free electricity until the 50% discount […]

You can enjoy free electricity tokens for September 2020, here’s how

JAKARTA, – Electrical stimulus in the form of free tokens for Household customers with a power of 450 VA, subsidized 900 VA, and Social and Small Businesses of 450 VA for the period September 2020 it can be claimed. PT PLN (Persero) ensures that there is no change in method or scheme to claim […]