Funeral of František Nedvěd († 73): Why didn’t the stars say goodbye to him?

Members of the Spiritual Quintet arrived, where the brothers Don’t know they began and gained their greatest fame and glory. The last goodbyes came from the Brontosaurs, where the brothers also worked. Arrived Jiří Vondráček (70), comedian and musician Milan Pitkin (70), country singer Tomáš Line (75). “When a music colleague dies, it’s sad. I […]

František Nedvěd († 73): The exact scenario of the GREAT FUNERAL

The last farewell will take place this Saturday from 11 am in the large hall of the Strašnice crematorium in Prague. The ceremony for the family and the nearest will take place for about an hour. Subsequently, the hall will be open to the public. “We are not yet clear about who speaks over the […]

Black summer for Czech show business. 6 legendary celebrities have already died

The Czechia has been experiencing the darkest summer in recent years. Since the beginning of June, six celebrities who rightfully belonged to the legends of show business have died. Each time there was an insidious disease behind their departure for eternal rest. Libuše Šafránková († 68) Libuše Šafránková she last exhaled on Wednesday, June 9. […]

František Nedvěd’s acute hospitalization: Lung cancer is back!

“I took him away last Sunday. We played in Olomouc on Friday. He got up on Saturday and was still fine, but by evening he was getting tired and sleepy. I thought it was the result of a concert, but on Sunday he still started sleeping, so I took him to the hospital. He was […]