Index – Economy – Fudan wins its first match in Parliament

The Hungarian Fudan story started four years ago The leadership of the Hungarian central bank and Fudan University in China sat at the negotiating table in 2017, when it was first proposed that Fudan University, considered the 34th best higher education institution in the world by the QS World University Ranking, should have a campus […]

Expert on the MiG-29 incident: There is no old plane, there is a fit or unfit one

Spas Spasov “Serious incidents have occurred in recent years. But then another reason arose – for example, piloting techniques. Those 12 hours and 50 minutes are now very little, deadly little to fly. This was stated to NOVA by the Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Air Force Foundation Spas Spasov. He commented on […]

Sniffing the art of Daniel Muñoz with his Guide to a reversible territory

Estremadura it has territory, vast and formidable. This corner of the world is endowed with unique, personal, intimate, collaborative, border, border, and reversible guides. In this land, the velcro of its localities adapt to the skin of the territory, a skin that changes and can acquire an infinity of genuine landmarks. This guide is endemic, […]

Nazi mistress kept 10 tons of gold hidden in a palace in Poland until her death

“Treasure hunters have located them and are starting excavations.” – The value of the buried is estimated at about $ 700 million. A Polish foundation that has been searching for years for the mythical treasures of the Nazis hidden at the end of World War II has announced that 10 tons of Nazi gold have […]

Baim Wong fired a worker who built his house after allegedly cheating on buying materials

Baim Wong (Source: ( GITA)) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – It’s been 8 months, Baim Wong’s new house is still not finished. Feeling that there was a problem with the construction of his house, Baim Wong acted quickly. Baim Wong together with construction management (MK) and people from contractor services held a meeting in his house construction […]

Where does the money for sick children go? VIDEO

On the eve of Easter, when charity for the needy is traditionally held in our country, a terrible scheme shone and NOVA told how thousands of levs from donations for sick children do not reach them. It is a foundation that has existed for more than 20 years. The people who work there, headed by […]

history (s) of committed reciprocity (Synergies Europe magazine)

Synergies Europe, GERFLINT review ISSN 1951-6088/ ISSN en ligne 2260-653X Study and Research Group for French as an International Language French journal, in partnership with the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Paris Foundation (FMSH) Acall for contributions for No. 17 / 2022 Synergies Europe, GERFLINT review (Study and Research Group for French as an International Language) […]

Meghan as an unrivaled bully? Nobody can stand it!

Work for Prince Harry and especially for his wife Meghan is strong coffee. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that thirteen top employees have already left their Archewell Foundation. The last expert not to work with Meghan was Catherine St-Laurent. She left the position of director as a mere consultant and it is not […]