The doctor explained the link between vitamin D and coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Vitamin D, the lack of which is observed in Russia in the autumn, helps to strengthen the immune system, and therefore, to resist coronavirus infection, noted doctor and TV presenter Sergei Malozemov in an interview with Sputnik radio. A lack of vitamin D significantly worsens the prognosis for COVID-19 disease, Malozemov said, citing scientists. “It’s […]

Kremlin denies Lukashenko’s request to Putin for arms supplies :: Politics :: RBK

The President of Belarus did not ask for the supply of new Russian weapons, Peskov said. Earlier, Lukashenka himself stated his request, noting that “recent events show that it is necessary to defend the interests of both Belarusians and Russians more courageously” Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin (Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did […]