Trouble over a dispute with Oslo

Fish and Chips The British national dish could become expensive after negotiations with Norway over catch quotas fell through. (Photo: dpa) London For the time being, “Fish and Chips” are only available to the British as imported goods. In the United Kingdom, many representatives from the fishing industry vented their anger over the broken negotiations […]

Europe must not narrow its view to China and Russia

Europe In dealing with China and Russia on matters of democracy, the EU is still trying to achieve change through rapprochement. (Photo: dpa) No foreign policy strategy is so romantically glorified in Europe as the concept of promoting internal change in China and Russia through economic rapprochement. An innovative idea during the Cold War has […]

Blockade in Suez Canal hits global economy like a stroke

Berlin, Zurich The ongoing blockade of the Suez Canal, along with other disruptions in global supply chains, is becoming a problem for the global economy, which is still ailing from the pandemic. Companies in Europe in particular will be hit hard. “This is a low blow for the global economy,” says Mark Szakonyi, “the blockade […]

USA and EU announce cooperation on China and Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) and EU foreign representative Josep Borrell The EU and the US want to work more closely together. (Photo: AFP) Washington The USA and the European Union said they have agreed a bilateral dialogue with China and a joint approach with Russia. In a joint statement following a meeting […]

That is behind the alliance of China’s opponents

Bangkok In the Himalayas, Chinese troops engage in deadly skirmishes with Indian soldiers. Confrontations between Japanese ships and China’s coast guard broke out off the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. At the same time, coal transport ships coming from Australia have been waiting off China for months, which are not allowed to dock […]

All signs point to confrontation

Wang Yi China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned the US not to “interfere” in the interests of other countries. (Photo: Reuters) Peking, Washington These were harsh words that Wang Yi addressed to the US government on Sunday. The US should stay out of the internal affairs of the People’s Republic, warned the Chinese foreign minister. […]

Semiconductor shortage reveals dependence on digital imports

The lack of supplies is putting a strain on the automotive industry at an extremely inopportune time. It is in the midst of a comprehensive shift towards electromobility and suffered significant sales losses in the corona crisis. As a result, important production capacities in the semiconductor sector were lost to competing industries. And now that […]

That will change for companies from January

Minis in Southampton The trade in cars and auto parts between the UK and the EU remains duty free. (Foto: Bloomberg) London The free trade agreement between Great Britain and the EU has around 1500 pages including attachments. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson quipped in a video on Christmas Eve that it was “a feast and […]

EU and China are converging on the investment agreement

Beijing, Berlin, Brussels The European Union and China are working flat out to conclude negotiations on an investment agreement. As the Handelsblatt learned, the negotiators of the EU Commission and the government in Beijing are continuing their talks this week. It was said that the remaining points of contention should now be resolved quickly. There […]

The threat of no-deal Brexit alarms data protectionists

Brussels Great Britain left the EU at the end of January. Without a contract, tariffs, long traffic jams and other problems threaten from January 1st. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The last deadline for the negotiations is still running, but the European Union is preparing for the failure of the hoped-for Brexit trade pact with Great Britain. […]