Camavinga has come under racial attack for allegedly injuring Nkunku

Paris – Christopher Nkunku absent in World Cup 2022 due to an injury during a training session French National. Edouardo Camavinga attacked for alleged to be the cause. Nkunku has to bite his fingers away from the 2022 World Cup event, which will be his first opportunity. After his name was called Les Bleus, player […]

Rooney’s attitude towards his player accused of racism garners praise

Washington – Wayne Rooney take a firm stance when DC United face Inter Miami. Best scorer Taxi Fountas was withdrawn by the coach, accused of using racist words. The incident occurred when DC United faced Inter Miami in the continuation of Major League Soccer competition at Audi Fied on Monday (19/9) WIB. Fontas allegedly insulted […]

La Liga condemns the racism of Atletico Madrid fans towards Vinicius Junior

Madrid – La Liga comment fans Atletico Madrid who is racist to the outside real Madrid, Vinicio Junior. Spanish League condemn it. Vinicius suffered racist abuse by Atletico Madrid fans. Supporters of the opponent called him a monkey and even brought a monkey doll to tease the Brazilian player outside the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, Monday […]