Five people detained for racist attacks in England

So far, five people have been arrested in an investigation launched by the UK Football Monitoring Unit (UKFPU) into racist attacks on players who make the penalty. After the lost final, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka have made a number of racist posts about footballers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To them, Harry […]

With blood and sweat, but only the English made it to the finals

What could you expect? English for the Danes, who are able to win and are fairly correct, even scoring. At the European Championships, no one has yet been able to take the gates of the English while knocking out the Ukrainians and Germans and beating the Czech Republic and Croatia in the group. Although many […]

In the match between the two best teams, the Italians defeated the Belgians

What did we expect before the match? Chiellini and Lukaku wrinkled each other Photo: CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP This seemed to be the most balanced of the four quarterfinals. There were also compelling arguments for the advancement of the Italians and the Belgians. In the latter, perhaps only the French came to the EB with […]

European Championship Final: Croatia – Spain 2-3

WOLFGANG RATTAY POOL AFP Live Mediation 2021. 06. 28. 17:41UPDATED: 6/28/2021 7:43 PM A difficult task awaits the Croatian national football team, which is trying to advance against Spain, considered one of the European Championship chances, without the coronavirus Ivan Perisic and banned Dejan Lovren. Follow it live! Where the mind and heart of football […]

Hungary once again has a team that it is proud of

“For half a century, the Hungarians wondered if they would ever have a football team they could be proud of again, but as the players stood in front of their fans and sang the anthem with them as their tears welled, it became clear: The wait is over, ”writes Reuters looking back at the Germany-Hungary […]

You have to believe in miracles – Bence Divine in the fan zone

Bence Istenes is clearly pushing against Germany in the European Championship for the success of the Hungarian national team. We talked to the television presenter in the fan zone of the city park, where he also told us what he had experienced at the Puskás Arena with Attila Fiola’s goal. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPGROUP CIRCUIT, GROUP FROUND […]