Review: The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is almost there, but not quite | NOW

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung delivered a device that especially showed the potential of a folding phone. However, the promise was not fulfilled for more than 2,000 euros. Does the successor Galaxy Z Fold 2 do that? To get straight to the point: the Fold 2 is the best folding phone you can buy at […]

Lenovo is working on a new foldable Motorola Razr to be released this year NOW

Lenovo is working on a new version of the foldable Motorola Razr phone, to be released later this year. At least, that is what the South African Lenovo CEO Thibault Dousson says in the podcast Reframed Tech. “A new version of the Razr is coming,” he says. “From what I understand, it is scheduled for […]

Innovation in the smartphone market: the foldable phones at a glance | NOW

For a long time, we saw few major innovations in the smartphone market, apart from larger screens and better cameras. That changed last year, when many manufacturers experimented with folding screens. We list which models are now in the store and which foldable models we can still expect. Samsung Galaxy Fold The most famous folding […]

Huawei sells folding phone Mate Xs from April for 2,499 euros | NOW

Huawei will sell its foldable smartphone, the Mate Xs, from April 14 in the Netherlands, the company announced on Friday. The smartphone will cost 2,499 euros. It is the first smartphone with a foldable screen that Huawei markets in the Netherlands. The original Mate X. would also go on sale in the Netherlands, but that […]

YouTuber orders foldable Escobar smartphone, gets Samsung with sticker | NOW

An order for a foldable smartphone from the company of the brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar has resulted in the delivery of a Samsung Galaxy Fold with a sticker. Marques Brownlee, known by his YouTube name MKBHD, suspects that he was supplied the product as YouTuber to generate media attention, but that other orders […]

Motorola Razr with folding screen for sale from April for 1,599 euros NOW

The updated Motorola Razr with a folding screen has a suggested retail price of 1,599 euros, a spokesperson on behalf of Lenovo confirms after reporting by Emerce. The Android smartphone with two screens is available in the Netherlands from April. The Razr is likely to be the fourth smartphone with a folding screen that comes […]

Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a pricey eye catcher NOW

Samsung will release its second folding phone in the Netherlands on Friday: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The Flip brings the convenience of the traditional folding phone to modern smartphones. It is recommended for those looking for an eye catcher and willing to pay good money for it. “What do you have on your desk? […]

Leaked pictures show TCL telephone with sliding screen NOW

The Chinese telephone maker TCL would work on a smartphone whose screen does not fold, but extends to become larger. This is evident from images that CNET has published. The pictures show that the TCL device looks like a normal telephone. The difference is that the size can be increased to tablet size by sliding […]

Huawei sells foldable Mate X in the Netherlands from March NOW

Huawei is going to sell its foldable smartphone, the Mate X, in the Netherlands from March onwards, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer confirms on Friday to after reporting by tech website Bright. The exact date from which the Android phone will be sold and how expensive the device will be, the company could not say. […]