Construction of New Kita Funded by City and Church

Construction of New Kita Funded by City and Church

Bauherrin und Eigentümerin der Kita ist die katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Teresa am Main. Von den erwarteten Gesamtkosten von rund 5,1 Millionen Euro finanziert die Stadt Flörsheim einen Anteil von 70 Prozent, das Bistum sowie die Kirchengemeinde einen Anteil von 30 Prozent. Die mit dem Bescheid bewilligten Landesmittel entlasten die Finanzierungsbeteiligten um 1,25 Millionen Euro. Die […]

Incredible Goal by Muslija: Paderborn vs St. Pauli Match Recap

Incredible Goal by Muslija: Paderborn vs St. Pauli Match Recap

Muslija scored a dream goal. After a bad pass from Elias Saad, the Paderborn midfielder pushed the ball into the opponent’s goal from around 55 meters. The deficit had a visible effect on St. Pauli. Although the guests took control, they only had their first chances to score shortly before the break. But shortly after […]

Intruders steal income / law enforcement glimpse for witnesses

Darmstadt (ots) – At all over 1pm on Sunday (August 21), previously not known men and women utilised pressure to enter an apartment on Noackstrasse through the balcony doorway. They searched the quarters, observed funds and a hat, and fled. In the current point out of understanding, this has resulted in damage of more than […]

Penalty and crimson hit SV Munster

RW Darmstadt also experienced their to start with defeat in the South Football Affiliation League. Mentor Dominik Lohrer then requested for a rapid reaction from the pink and white group. DARMSTADT – Now equally have been hit: RW Darmstadt and SV Münster endured their initial Bundesliga defeats of the period. RW Darmstadt – VfR Fehlheim […]

The late penalty costs SV 07 Nauheim one point

– The group league players of SV 07 Nauheim led by Sören Boomgaarden (left) suffered an unfortunate 3-2 defeat to FSG Riedrode (Oliver Schrah right). Photo: Uwe Kramer KREIS GROß-GERAU – SV 07 Nauheim suffered a 2: 3 (2: 1) defeat on Sunday afternoon in the group football championship against FSG Riedrode. On the other […]

The good performance of Hillal FC is not rewarded

The top division of the football district loses the first match after promotion. The SC Opel Rüsselsheim soon opens the way to victory. – Hillal Rüsselsheim’s Oberliga players (Mohamed Jemi behind) lost early to Olympia Biebesheim (Lars Schneidler on the ball). Photo: André Dziemballa RUSELSHEIM – Ruesselsheim. After a 2-1 defeat to SC Opel Rüsselsheim, […]