Is it Cheaper to Dissect Airplane Ticket Prices than to Pay for Toll and Train Fares?

Jakarta – Airplanes are a mode of transportation that is considered expensive. How do plane ticket prices really compare to train and bus tickets or toll and petrol costs when taking a private vehicle? Let’s dissect the original price of airline tickets. Let’s break down the forming costs of an airline ticket price. In dissecting […]

For his services, Park Hang Seo was rewarded with a free business ticket for life

Hanoi – Vietnam Airlines rewards dedication Park Hang Seo advancing football in the country. Park and his wife, were given free business tickets for life. Quoted from Thairath, Vietnam Airlines, which is the national airline in the Blue Dragon Country, gave Park and his wife free business class tickets for life. The special gift from […]

The phenomenon of cheap flight tickets, Jakarta-Bali, only IDR 700,000

JAKARTA, – Price flight ticket called cheap start compared to the previous month. Ticket prices are starting to drop on some of the favorite flight routes such as Jakarta-Bali. Based on uploads from the official account of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) @pesona.indonesia, it is stated that aircraft prices have begun […]

Are airline ticket prices going down because long vacations are over?

Jakarta – Good news is coming. Because the price of domestic flights has decreased. According to the website selling airline ticket prices seen on Monday (9/1/2023), now many ticket prices have been found to be cheaper in recent months. Like the Jakarta-Bali flight route, now the cheapest ticket prices are IDR 710,000 with Trans Nusa […]

AirAsia is giving away 5 million free seats, here’s how!

Jakarta – Celebrating its operational renaissance, airline Air Asia want to give away 5 million free seats for travelers. In addition, there are also interesting price promotions. Find how! There are various promotional pricing offers offered by Air Asia and its affiliated airlines in various countries. One of these is the offer of 5 million […]

Garuda presents a unique marketing, Jakarta-Bangkok PP IDR 5 million

Jakarta – Airline organizations Garuda Indonesia held a Sales Business office Journey Honest (SOTF) 2022. There are a lot of promotions ranging from bargains to cheap airline tickets. SOTF 2022 will consider put from 15 to 21 August 2022. This advertising is legitimate at all Garuda Indonesia profits places of work, equally nationwide and global. […]

Whoops! Passengers have to dig deeper into their pockets to board the plane

Jakarta – Price flight ticket more expensive, passengers have to spend more to be able to fly. The increase in various components of flight costs led to an increase in the price of airline tickets. Airfare prices are already expensive with the increase in the price of avtur fuel. Now, the airport tax alias PJP2U […]