Her baby is stillborn, hospital buries the wrong child

A terrible story. In Val-de-Marne, a pregnant woman lost her baby in the sixth month of pregnancy, in early February. If this ordeal was already very painful, the situation worsened. The Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital, where she gave birth to this stillborn child, told her that the morgue was wrong and that they had buried the wrong […]

Latte from Neukirchen b.Hl.Blut in the people search of Das Telefonbuch

Latte Konrad Latte (1922–2005), German musician Kurt Latte (1891–1964), classical philologist see also: Chai Latte Homemade chai Latte The word “chai” is intact in many parts of the world just for tea. In India the term “Chai” or “Masala Chai” is used LAETT sun and weather protection systems, awnings, roller shutters, sun blinds – Langnau […]

The most popular first names in 2020 at Béthune-Beuvry hospital are …

The Béthune-Beuvry hospital center unveiled the most popular first names on Wednesday last year. In small girls, it was Victoire who took first place, ahead of Louise and Lou. Side boys, it is Tom who was given the most in 2020. Then come the Sacha and… Louis. In 2019, in France, it was Emma, ​​Jade […]

Alucard, Rey and Lucifer – everyday life in the name advice center in Leipzig

Lucifer – a popular name with flaws “Last year there were a few inquiries about the name Lucifer or Lucifer,” reports name advisor Rodriguez. For some time now she has been receiving requests about the name again and again. But in this matter, the parents-to-be are biting granite. “We are still of the opinion that […]

Ashley Graham shares souvenir photo of her birth in the water

The end of the year periods are conducive to nostalgia, and especially in pictures! During this month of December, many Instagram users have played the game of “show us a picture of …”. It is then up to the subscribers to request a moment of the private life of these said people. A large number […]

What are the real names of your favorite TV stars?

Kit Harington (Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in Friends), KJ Apa (Archie in Riverdale)… These three stars of the small screen have in common to have modified or even completely changed their name! But these are not the only ones, and it is also a practice that seems very widespread in […]