Party, baseball and vaccine, the (almost) perfect combination | Life and Family

Archive.- In this photo from the 2018 Mexican Baseball Party, Wildcats shortstop Jacob Blas tries to get out of Hermosillo running back José Cardona. This year, the party is held from September 30 to October 3 at the Kino Stadium. There will be free tickets for those who receive their first vaccination outside the stadium. […]

Rise of vaccination in the United States

Vaccination is accelerating in the United States in an attempt to curb the pandemic which has regained strength in recent weeks. The country has averaged nearly 95,000 new cases per day in the past week. • Read also: United States plans to reopen borders to vaccinated travelers • Read also: Washington rejects WHO call for […]

How much immunity do i have with the first dose? – The financial

The vaccine against COVID-19 from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is the one that is being applied in Mexico to adults between 30 and 39 years old. Until now, the first dose has been given to part of this population. What is the immunity provided by an injection? Analysis of phase three clinical trials from the […]

These news that make people talk

Several pieces of news caught the attention of our teams of journalists across the province. Here is in a few seconds this news which makes talk at home. In Trois-Rivières, after a year of uncertainty, the graduates of Les Pionniers high school were finally entitled to a whole ceremony on Friday. Dressed in their 31s, […]