Worldwide, more than eight million of fixed vectors NOW

Worldwide, more than eight million are identified, the infection with the corona virus, according to figures published by the prestigious Johns Hopkins university Institute. The counter, in the night from Monday to Tuesday, 8.003.021 infections. The majority of infections have been reported in the United States, where there are more than two million people are […]

– Brazil is investigating assaults in the hospitals after the call, Bolsonaro NOW

The attorney-general of Brazil, Surrounded by Macaws, has on Monday announced investigations into a number of attacks in hospitals across the country, reports CNN. The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, called the nation, and last week at wards coronapatiënten are self-inspected. In São Paulo and Brasilia, took place on 4 and 9 June, raids take place […]

Sharp contraction in exports in april, and the outlook is bleak NOW

The exports of goods and services, which came in the month of January to 11.2 per cent lower than in april of last year. That is, according to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), the biggest contraction since 2009, reported the statistics agency on Monday. “In april, there were fewer vehicles, and machines.” As […]

Retrieved coronapatiënten continue to struggle with symptoms

on Friday, June 12, 2020, 16:28 Coronapatiënten at home who have recovered from the virus for many months of complaints. Research shows it to be longfonds. One of the Bremen, and of gp services in Drenthe and specializes in pulmonary disease, confirms that even in Drenthe, the patients in the present case. “Of course, may […]

Feline corona virus is almost certain to be widespread in Yemen, THE

In Yemen, it is the corona virus, as well as a certain mass, say aid agencies, and it appears from the death rates. But because of the war and the distress of the people, no one knows just how severe the epidemic actually is. Since the outbreak of the Arab spring, five years ago, Yemen […]