From cracked heel to swelling, what do your feet say about your health?

Tell me how your feet are and I’ll tell you how you are! Possible causes and natural remedies for the most frequent problems affecting our feet Our feet can be considered real spies of our health and the little big problems that arise, from swelling, to cracked heels, can give us vital clues about any […]

Legs will tell. How do limbs signal diabetes? | Healthy life | Health

With diabetes, leg problems are common. And sometimes, doctors say, some signs may appear when the person himself does not know that he has diabetes. told about how limbs can signal a deficiency of the hormone insulin therapist, endocrinologist, cardiologist Tatiana Romanenko. Different types of lesions “Diabetes mellitus is dangerous with the development of […]

Rennes. At the edge of the Vilaine, feet in the water …

The strong winds and rains, recorded during the night of Tuesday 2 to Wednesday 3 February, raised the level of the Vilaine, to Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). She even got out of her bed at the level of the Marc-Elder alley, between the city center and the promenade des Bonnets-Rouges. The chairs, fixed on the bank, have […]

Suffering Boušková from Otter! No one would know it on me

According to, she lost almost her entire foot after the accident and has been suffering from great pain ever since. “I don’t mind that it hurts, especially if I walk. For example, I have to kneel over the other, healthy leg, but I’m good at it, no one would know that about me, “the […]

Moderator Míša Ochotská: She spreads her legs like Beckham!

When Victoria Beckham, 46, posted a photo of him lying casually on his side with his leg outstretched behind his head and reading on the phone, the madness literally broke out. Hundreds of people around the world began to imitate her. Michaela Ochotská (35) was not left behind either. Like the wife of English footballer […]

4 signs on your feet can tell you about high blood pressure

Great Britain, 04 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. The UK National Health Service (NHS) has listed several signs of high blood pressure on the legs. Not only the elderly, but also young people face this ailment today. In 90% of cases, it is almost impossible to find out the exact cause of hypertension. In this case, the […]