Libya : in the wake of the army of Haftar, the ghosts of the victims of Tarhuna

Tarhuna was the last stronghold of the troops of field marshal Khalifa Haftar in the West of libya. By withdrawing from the city, on June 5, his self-proclaimed “libyan national army” (NLA) has definitely lost the battle of Tripoli. Without its rear base of Tarhouna, which provided the bulk of the fighters are local, the […]

already sentenced, his parents will again be judged

Published on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at 22h06 By Shanti Duparque — The case of the ” trackers of Rochefort “, where a young girl had been raped by several persons of her family during hunting parties between 2001 and 2012 is going to come back before the court in Dinant. – – Between 2001 […]

United States. Joe Biden to Meet George Floyd’s Family on Monday

The Democratic candidate for president of United States, Joe Biden, will travel to Houston on Monday and meet with the family of George Floyd, his associates said, two weeks after Death of 46-year-old American black man when arrested by police sparked widespread protests against racial discrimination in the United States and worldwide. Joe Biden is […]

Paternity, sick parent… Marlène Schiappa calls to “rethink family leave”

Confinement has reshuffled the cards of family life, says Marlène Schiappa, in an interview with the newspaper The Parisian , this Saturday, June 6. She seems to be position in the perspective of a future reshuffle, to occupy for example a ministry extended to the Family. Meanwhile, the current Secretary of State for Gender Equality […]

Covid-19: Is a large part of the population already immunized from other viruses?

Question asked by 05/19/2020 Hello, Your question refers to several studies published in May, which refer to the principle of immune memory, the principle of which can be recalled in a few words. On the surface and at the heart of viruses are molecules that will react with the human immune system, triggering a number […]

The Reimanns donate 250 million euros against hate

Dhe industrialist family of Reimann will provide 250 million euros over the next ten years for initiatives that deal with the causes and consequences of the Holocaust and strengthen “democratic society in Europe”. The family presented the first project, which the specially founded Alfred Landecker Foundation financed, on Monday, the International Day to Commemorate the […]

Colombian family based in Miami honors the legacy of medicine

“My father was an excellent doctor, he was the chief physician of the Texas Petroleum Company in Colombia, so I had a good example. However, studying at that time was terrible. People told me that there were ugly, pretty women and those who were studying medicine, that this was a career for men. I remember […]

it is now possible to cross the border to do your shopping and see your family

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 10:19 a.m.— Deconfinement continues in Belgium. It is now possible for Belgians to cross the border to do their shopping and see their family. – – As of today, Belgians can cross the border to see their families and also to do their shopping, announced interior ministers Pieter […]