Looking for donations and families for rescued animals

April 4, 2022 – 01:30 Within the framework of the Day of Good Deeds, volunteers from Salta shared the day at the Pacha Uywa Foundation, in the Salta macro-centre. – From the Pacha Uywa Foundation, in Salta capital, they invite the community to collaborate with donations or to responsibly adopt rescued and recovered dogs and […]

After the Exchange of Wives came swearing and spit: Alena said,…

Although Alena and Renata from the new episode Exchange of Wives did not face almost any problems in their temporary households, both of them definitely had something to say between the eight eyes. And it was definitely not a word of praise. The sharpened conversation had an even uglier finish. The new episode Exchange of […]

She jumped on him like a goat! Hanka from the Exchange said how…

The latest episode of Wife Swap introduces two couples who have dealt with the same problem in the past. They both had to deal with infidelity. The worst was probably Hanka from Chomutov, who caught her husband right during the act, even in their bed together. The mother of three still has the moment that […]

Tearful change of wives: Sasha in a surrogate family is waiting for…

A new challenge awaits the nurse Sasha in the new episode Exchange of Wives. When she arrives at her foster home, she finds out that Bára’s young mother has stopped breastfeeding her 17-month-old son just before filming. The little one is constantly crying because of it and Sasha has no idea how to deal with […]

St. patr. Tikhon Moskovsky: Come to your senses, madmen!

– – Archimandrite Nikanor, hegumen at the Giginsky monastery – I had many reasons not to say anything, to keep quiet “profitably”. But I remembered the words of a saint: “If we, the monks, who have renounced everything and have no life worries and considerations, do not have families to worry about, we are afraid […]

Lucie’s sad confession from Wife Exchange: After filming her…

Lucie was shocked when she arrived at her surrogate household during the latest episode of Wife Swap. She was not pleasantly surprised by the clutter and the exposed drawers, which she said posed a huge danger to the children. She didn’t even get along with her temporary partner Michal. So the end of the Exchange […]

Piranhas bit off a girl’s toe

Photo: Unsplash Piranhas bit off a toe of a girl swimming in a river – – In addition to the child, predatory fish of the haracin family were bitten by about thirty more people who were swimming in the river. In Argentina, piranhas bit off a toe of a teenage girl while she was swimming […]