BMKG Declares “Sowing Salt” Successfully Intercepts Extreme Rain in Jabodetabek!

Jakarta – It does not rain at night in and around Jakarta new year 2023 this. Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG extension) affirmed this thanks to the effort’sprinkle with salt‘ in the rain clouds. As stated by BMKG’s official account (@infoHumasBMKG), on Saturday (12/31/2022) before the end of the year, BMKG Chief Dwikorita Karnawati […]

Semarang surrounded by floods, roads like rivers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Kota Semarang, Central Java was hit by flooding on Saturday (12/31), after the area was drenched in rain for nearly eight hours. Several major roads in Semarang were flooded. Heavy rain that hit Semarang for nearly eight hours flooded most of the area. Not only residential areas, the floods have also […]

BMKG warns of the possibility of extreme rainfall in Greater Jakarta today

Jakarta – BMKG extension warned of the possibility of extreme rain in Jabodetabek today. BMKG confirms this forecast is not a hurricane. “Precipitation forecast in Greater Jakarta for tomorrow December 30. This is the result of modeling, Greater Jakarta it’s mostly pink and red and it’s evenly spread out so that’s what you need to […]

Ships in the port of Merak cannot sail due to bad weather

Jakarta – Ferries at Merak port cannot sail due to bad weather. The Port Authority has temporarily suspended the departure of vessels until the weather is declared safe for navigation. “PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) said that, based on meteorological information provided by the Agency of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) on Wednesday (28/12) at […]

DPR to convene BRIN-BMKG due to difference in severe storm forecasts

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — DPR Deputy Chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad said his party would convene the two institutions most responsible for reporting the bad weather terrible storm that will affect the area Greater Jakarta until the end of 2022. Dasco’s statement responds to two different pieces of information from the National Research and Innovation Agency […]

Extreme weather forecast, here are the sky conditions over Jakarta this afternoon

Jakarta – Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Council (BMKG extension) indicates that there is potential extreme weather it occurred in different regions of Indonesia. This afternoon the sky over Jakarta seemed to have started to rain. monitoring detik com, Wednesday (12/28/2022) at 12:53 WIB, the sky in Jakarta appears to have been covered by a white […]

High Wave Viral in Ancol last night, managers make sure it’s a hoax

Jakarta – Video narration occurs high wave at Ancol Beach, North Jakarta, viral on social media (social media). Manager Ancol stating that the viral video of the high wave in Ancol is not true or deceit. In the viral video seen detik com, Wednesday (28/12/2022), Waves in Ancol area are reported to be increasing in […]

Beware of potential waves up to 6 meters high on December 28-29

Jakarta – Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Council (BMKG extension) issued an early warning high wave which has potential in a number of Indonesian waters on 28-29 December 2022. BMKG revealed the potential for high waves reaching as high as 6 metres. BMKG explained that the wind pattern in the northern part of Indonesia is predominantly […]