Fastest Verstappen on the first day of pre-season testing

The champion of the past two seasons, Dutchman Max Verstappen, was the fastest on board the Red Bull “RB19” car on the first day of winter pre-season testing for the new season of the Formula 1 World Championship, by topping the two sessions Thursday at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. In the morning session of […]

Report: Apple’s augmented reality headset will provide health and wellness experiences

History 1/30/2023 11:21:04 PM (MENAFN– Youm7) It has been reported in media that Apple will offer health and wellness experiences in its upcoming Augmented Reality (AR) – Mixed Reality (MR) headset, and the upcoming MR headset from the tech giant is expected to provide well-being features such as exercise and meditation, according to Apple Insider […]

Is age just a number, or a development in the case of psychological maturity?

Posted in: 25/01/2023 – 17:17 The “Sustainable Health” program hosts: Dr. Basma Al Said, a specialist in mental health and clinical hypnosis and trainer in post-traumatic stress disorder, founder of the Whispers of Sukoon Clinic, ambassador of social work and founder of the We Are Together Campaign for Mental Health Awareness, to present the following […]

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier protests against Covid certificates in Italy

– – Prof. Luc Montagnier PHOTOS: Reuters – “Contrary to what has been said, these vaccines do not protect at all. This became clear gradually and is scientifically recognized today. This is evidenced not only by scientific experiments, but also by tests on patients. ” vaccine or illness, compulsory vaccination for certain work categories and […]

18 months before the pandemic virologists in Wuhan wanted to …

Wuhan virologists have planned to infect a population of bats with coronaviruses to vaccinate them against diseases potentially dangerous to humans. As follows from the published applications for grants, the proposal was considered in 2018, writes the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Scientists planned to test “new chimeric proteins of the virus’s spines” on bats […]

China planned to infect bats with coronavirus before pandemic – media

Chinese virologists planned to infect bats with coronavirus – – Also, Chinese virologists requested $ 14 million for experiments to create chimera viruses that can more easily infect humans. Wuhan virologists intended to infect the population of bats with coronaviruses in order to vaccinate them against diseases that are potentially dangerous to humans. On Tuesday, […]