JNE’s Reason for Burying President’s Aid Rice in Depok

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — PT Tiki Lintas Nugraha Ekakurir aka ETC talk about findings rice social assistance (social assistance) from the president who is buried in a piece of land in Depok City, West Java. They conveyed this statement as the distributor of the social assistance rice. JNE Vice President Eri Palgunadi claimed that there […]

Not an ID card, it turns out that this is the data that Fintech is fighting for

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For technology companies from startup until unicorn, data is the most valuable asset. However, from the myriad of data collected by them, what data are they targeting? One industry that relies heavily on data is financial technology companies or financial technology companies fintech. Whatever their business model, starting from peer-to-peer lending, […]

Gyurov is very worried about Iva Miteva’s condition

I don’t know if Kiril Petkov wrote text messages to ITN deputies, said Andrei Gyurov, chairman of the BTV parliamentary group “We continue the change”. According to him, the Prime Minister has expressed support for the budget, the Speaker of Parliament Nikola Minchev and all free MPs. That is why the entire Council of Ministers […]

Political scientists are confused by the order of the parliament after the elections, this party is already out of the National Assembly

Political scientists in the program “Referendum” destroyed the hot political situation in Bulgaria. Alpha Research data show that Bulgarians prefer the government to resign immediately. The experts predicted the outcome of the no-confidence vote and what awaits our country in the coming months. In the studio were Boryana Dimitrova from “Alpha Research”, political scientist and […]

Balabanov dropped a bomb for a secret chat with Lena Borislavova!

I hope I don’t have a cure that I forgot and didn’t clear. This was stated by the MP from ITN Lubomir Karimanski, referring to the words of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in his address that it is light. At a briefing, he commented on the vote on the budget update. “The budget is […]

Petkov’s man with an ugly attack on Slavi Trifonov, accused him of …

This week the budget enters the first reading in the hall. I am optimistic about the budget, especially since the ITN said that they will support it at first reading. The big question is what will happen between the two readings. The problem is whether the ITN colleagues will be involved in this sabotage of […]

Desi Atanasova erupted against Petkov after the scandal with the note

No one can be satisfied when the country is in a series of crises, including a political crisis. This is what GERB-UDF MP Desislava Atanasova commented to Bulgaria on On Air. “Although we are now in the role of opposition, we are by no means satisfied with the harsh tone inside and outside parliament. Unfortunately, […]

Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov resigned on Monday

Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov and his deputies will resign on Monday. The information is from the Ministry of Energy. This is in implementation of the decision of the political party “There is such a people”, assured the Ministry of Economy. They state that: “all media interpretations, including energy policy, especially in the areas of trade, […]