Pay equality: Belgium hit by the Council of Europe

Two articles of the European Social Charter are not respected by Belgium. La Belgium violates two articles of the European Social Charter by not ensuring wage transparency, yet decisive in equal pay for work of equal value between the sexes, said Monday the organ of the Council of Europe responsible for the implementation of this […]

Where women dream of working: the ranking of the 20 best companies

The coronavirus emergency has put women’s work to the test. Between family management, lack of family services and contractual instability, millions of women have found themselves in trouble. It is no coincidence that in Italy – as recalled by the data of the Labor Inspectorate of a few days ago – women are on the […]

Woman strike: Tamara Funiciello on strike on Sunday –

Woman strike: Tamara Funiciello on strike on Sunday A year, Ms. strike, “the men surprised us with one strike!” Tages-Anzeiger Eight positive things that have happened since the women’s strike of 2019 watson A year of woman to strike – “This is just the beginning” of the day was the scoreboard “More on the […]

Elsa Faucillon: “Tipping can tip to the worst”

The Hauts-de-Seine deputy, Elsa Faucillon, observes the period a little like all heads on the left. A touch of hope and another of fear. The communist does not know which side will drop the ball after the damage from the health crisis. She warns: the left, whatever its color, must not hide, let alone disappoint. […]

The former deputy of Podemos for Alicante Rita Bosaho, general director of Equality

Rita Bosahowill be the newgeneral director of Equal Treatment and Racial Ethnic Diversityof the Ministry of Equality after the councilor of the Gijón City CouncilAlba González resignto that position to give visibility to “women belonging to racialized groups”. Bosaho, who was the first black person to win a seat in theCongress of Deputiesin 2015 byAlicante,has […]

“Go back to work or starve”: sex workers put to the test

“Within a week I will be dry, unable to pay for my groceries and rent. I’m afraid of starving. “ On the other end of the phone, Julia’s voice is feverish. This 46-year-old sex worker (TDS) stopped her usual professional activity for several weeks, even before the confinement began. As the Covid-19 epidemic progressed, she […]