Valuable armor was stolen in the Louvre for nearly 40 years and accidentally recovered | Paris | Renaissance | Armor

[Epoch Times News March 6, 2021](Compiled and reported by The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yufei) FranceParisLouvreThe museum stated on March 3 that the Louvre “accidentally” recovered a set of gold and silver stolen stolen nearly 40 years ago.Renaissancearmor。 According to the Agence France-Presse report, in January this year, a military antique expert was commissioned to […]

Xi Mingze’s “Principal Criminal” Was Burned in Private Part and Taken Nude Photos | Niu Tengyu | Torture

[Epoch Times News March 05, 2021]Xi Jinping’s daughterXi MingzePrincipal offender in a case of personal information leakageNiu Tengyu, And then disclose to the lawyers how he was abused by the CCP police, including taking off his clothesTake nude photosHumiliation andBurn private partsWait. Because of Xi Jinping’s daughterXi MingzeAfter the personal information leakage of Xi Jinping’s […]

Xi’s cousin and Jiang’s grandson were pushed to the forefront of high-level internal fighting | Australia Crown Group | Jiang Zemin Family | Ant Group

After focusing on the Australian Crown Group, foreign media released reports on Jiang Zemin’s family, and Jiang is fighting fiercely in the economic field [Epoch Times News on March 4, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Gu Qing’er) Various signs show that the high-level internal fighting of the Chinese Communist Party has intensified in the economic […]

CCP organ transplant expert Zang Yunjin died and jumped from the building | Liver transplantation | Live organ harvesting | Falun Gong

[Epoch Times February 27, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya reported) On February 26, the official WeChat account of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University (Qingdao) issued an announcement stating that the Institute of Organ Donation and Transplantation, Qingdao University Medical Department Dean, Qingdao University HospitalOrgan transplantCenter Director, Organ Transplant ExpertZang YunjinPassed away early on the […]

[Replay]Pompeo speech on the second day of CPAC Conference | Conservative Conference | Trump

[Epoch Times, February 27, 2021]On Saturday (February 27) Eastern Time, the Conservative Alliance Conference (CPAC) of the United States will be held until the second day. Former Secretary of State Pompeo and other important conservative figures will deliver speeches. NTD and The Epoch Times will jointly broadcast this all day long (simultaneous translation in Chinese). […]

Share dividend change from 30% to 0.5% Huaxi Village is in a run-on storm | The World First Village | Jiangsu Huaxi Village

[Epoch Times February 27, 2021]Touted by the CCP as “The First Village in the World“Huaxi Village, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, recently reported that Jiangsu Huaxi Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaxi Group”) appeared”Run“Phenomena, hundreds of villagers lined up in the rain to pay. Some villagers said thatDividendsIt dropped from 30% to 0.5%, which […]