Hamburger Hafencity gets “zero issuing house” | – news

Status: 04/20/2021 1:11 p.m. The urban Hafencity GmbH wants to lead the way with a good example of climate protection: For their own office they are building a “zero-emission house” on the back of the thermal power station in the heart of Hafencity. The five-story wooden house should not produce any CO2 during operation because […]

Green hydrogen from Krefeld-Hüls

November 12, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. Paid content: energy transition : Green hydrogen from Hüls <!– <!– – <!– – Bernd Schleupen wants to produce hydrogen at the family’s dairy farm at Lefkeshof. Photo: WZ / Bischof – – Krefeld The Schleupen brothers want to convert the biogas plant on the Lefkeshof. It could produce […]

Economic stimulus package: Federal government announces hydrogen era

EIt is not often that politics is pounding a whole new industrial sector. But when it comes to overcoming the economic consequences of the corona pandemic, the federal government can no longer be stopped by the usual misgivings: With around nine billion euros, a hydrogen industry is now to be set up in Germany. The […]

CO2 price and EEG surcharge: Why climate protection now costs twice

AAs a result of the Corona crisis, the promotion of renewable energy threatens to get out of hand. The CEO of the energy group E.on, Johannes Teyssen, felt obliged to “speak out on behalf of our customers” when presenting the quarterly results. The EEG surcharge on the electricity price will “shoot through the roof next […]

German green electricity share is skyrocketing

ERenewable energy sources covered more than half of Germany’s electricity consumption for the first time in the first three months of this year. From January to March, an average of around 52 percent of the consumption was generated with wind, sun, hydropower and other renewable energy sources, such as calculations by the Center for Solar […]

Climate protection: what can be learned from Italy – economy

Europe’s crisis country could become the winner of a climate-friendly economic change. Nowhere is garbage recycled so efficiently – but it is also exemplary in other areas. – Greta, says Francesco Starace, head of the Italian electricity company Enel, is a symbol. Nobody knows them, but everyone uses them. Starace has no doubt what the […]