A misunderstanding puts the orange room in crisis – Big Brother VIP

The clarification that involves Elisabetta, Pierpaolo Enock e Andrea continues after dinner, Enock approaches Elisabetta and go back to the topic “I understood that yours was a joke towards me from the words of Francesco” she says trying to apologize but the roommate looks rather disappointed and “Let’s do that I misunderstood”. The contestant then […]

“I feel suffocated, I have to go out.” The others intervene

Gf Vip, Enock: «I feel suffocated, I have to go out». The others intervene. These are heavy days for Mario Balotelli’s brother. Ever since he learned of the extension of the program, Enock is having a difficult time, undecided whether to stay or leave. This afternoon, however, things seemed to have precipitated. Read also> Said […]

“I’ve made the decision, I’m going”

Elisabetta Gregoraci ready to abandon il Big Brother Vip. The showgirl like many other fellow adventurers did not take well the decision of the production announced yesterday live by Alfonso Signorini to extend the duration of the reality show and the stay at Cinecittà. Tommaso Zorzi she joked about house arrest and Gregoraci doesn’t want […]

“It’s true, I wanted to remarry Elisabetta Gregoraci, but …”

Big Brother Vip, Flavio Briatore portrayed everything: “It’s true I wanted to remarry Elisabetta Gregoraci, but …”. The entrepreneur in recent days in the weekly Chi by Alfonso Signorini, had branded the news as fake news, only to rethink and clarify everything. Read also> Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorini … extends: “We will be together until […]