Four out of five cars sold in Norway are electric

Almost eighty percent of new passenger cars registered in Norway are electric. This is evident from data from the Norwegian industry organization OFV. In no other country is the market share of electric cars as high. A total of 138,265 new electric cars were sold in Norway in 2022. They thus achieve a market share […]

four out of five new battery cars

AFP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 03:23 In Norway, nearly 80 percent of new cars sold are now electric. This is according to data released by the Norwegian automotive industry association OFV. Norwegians bought more than 174,000 cars last year. Of these, more than 138,000 were fully electric. Tesla was the most popular car brand among Norwegian motorists. […]

The deposit for electric motorcycles is only 0%, do you want it?

Jakarta – A series of concessions and incentives have been prepared by the Second Service Authority (OJK) to speed up the use of vehicleselectric motor battery operated (KBLBB) in the community. There are incentives for the purchase of a motorcycle or an electric car. According to Mirza Adityaswara, Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJK, […]

Auto Sales 2022: That Stands Out and That Means for the Market | Travelling

02 jan 2023 om 16:51Update: 4 uur geleden The automotive industry continues to face headwinds. After the difficult sales years of 2020 and 2021 due to the corona crisis, the number of new passenger car registrations decreased again in 2022 due to persistent delivery problems. The sector expects that the bottom has now been hit. […]

Tesla Model Y unexpectedly became Europe’s best-selling car for November

After a less than glamorous period, Tesla has once again risen to the top of car sales in Europe. Tesla isn’t having the happiest of times right now. Customer interest and share price are dwindling, the automaker is trying to boost domestic sales by cutting prices, the grandiose talk about the sophistication of autonomous driving […]

China to eliminate subsidies for electric vehicles

Contribution for electric vehicles, disbursed for 13 years from 200930 trillion won in subsidies from BYD and TeslaExpected sales of 9 million electric vehicles next year The Model 3 is manufactured at the Tesla plant in Shanghai, China japchae [아시아경제 최대열 기자] China has decided to end subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles from […]

Suzuki launches 3 new products next month, there is an electric car!

Jakarta – Maruti Suzuki confirmed to be launching three new cars at the show Car Expo which took place in Uttar Pradesh, India from 12 to 15 January 2023. Interestingly, one of the three new products is electric machine. Maruti Suzuki Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hisashi Takeuchi said, his party wanted to introduce the concept […]

Only ‘Made in Indonesia’ electric cars get IDR 80 million subsidy, here’s why

Jakarta – The government plans to provide incentives for electric car buyers. But not all electric car buyers are eligible for subsidies. The subsidy is granted to consumers who buy electric cars that already have factories in Indonesia. Of the dozens of electric cars sold in Indonesia, only two are made in Indonesia. The two […]