The size of the Eiffel Tower … an asteroid collides with Earth at this time

The idea of ​​a massive asteroid colliding with Earth may seem like a plot out of a blockbuster science fiction movie, but it could become a reality in just 48 years. Researchers from the University of Hawaii have warned that an asteroid called “God of Chaos” could collide with Earth in 2068, according to what […]

2 Women Stabbed Under the Eiffel Tower Shouting “Dirty Arab” Page all

PARIS, – Two girls reported stabbed repeatedly below Eiffel Tower, French, while being shouted at ” Arab dirty “by the perpetrator who is also two women. Police responded by arresting the suspect, in an incident that occurred after one person guru beheaded last Friday (16/10/2020). Two of the perpetrators were identified as white with […]