Gyueshevo – no one to clear snow

It is snowing on the way to the Gueshevo border checkpoint, RIA informs. The institution warns drivers to drive with caution on the international road in the section between the checkpoint and the village of Vratsa. A 24 Chasa reporter saw that tonight there was no one to clear the snow that fell on the […]

In England, even Ronaldo’s Bentley is waiting in line for petrol

Pilots are already truck drivers and say they earn more In recent weeks, the British have had occasion to recall many of the folk wisdoms that have helped them overcome difficult situations as a nation. One of them is: “We are all in the same boat” and they often use it when they want to […]

Transport Online – Lareb: 10,000 reports of menstrual disorders after corona vaccines

DEN BOSCH – Lareb side effects center has so far received almost 10,000 reports of menstrual disorders after corona vaccination. The complaints range from lack of menstruation, heavy menstruation, to breakthrough bleeding. There are also complaints about bleeding after the menopause, the side effects center announced. Lareb is currently looking into and mapping the reports. […]

London is calling in the army to refuel British shops

The British government is considering using the army to supply fuel. Due to the crisis with drivers and panic buying, many gas stations in big cities are empty. The shortage of drivers has led to problems with the proper functioning of entire sectors. The lack of supplies left empty stands in many stores. The crisis […]

Panic over fuels and goods in England, 400 gas stations have introduced a limit

Emergency visas are issued for truck drivers and turkey cakes to save Christmas The crisis for truck drivers in Britain has reached unprecedented proportions. Queues erupted in front of gas stations over the weekend after some fuel companies warned they could not fulfill all orders due to a lack of tanker drivers. In some places, […]

A step back for Brexit. They urgently issue 5,000 visas to truck drivers

The queues at gas stations are kilometers long. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson plans to change his policy completely and issue 5,000 visas for foreign truck drivers, after the country is in chaos and is already heading for a food crisis. Car owners completely ignored government advice, clogging gas stations in […]