PORTRAIT. Anne Sylvestre, it was feminism in songs

It was a late spring Sunday afternoon, April 15, 2018, and Anne Sylvestre was happening under the Magic Mirror of the Mythos festival in Rennes. A room packed with 700 people like his song tour entitled 60 years old already? White heads, high 40s to Fabulettes for children, young people discovering this great lady of […]

Vendée Globe. Head for the Kerguelen in a heckled Indian. Sport

Charlie Dalin (Apivia) therefore crossed the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope in the lead under conditions specific to the Roaring Forties. The southwesterly winds increased a little not compared to yesterday with 35-40 knots (ie Force 8 Beaufort) and gusts of over 50-55 knots. The state of the sea continues to deteriorate with […]

Tokyo Olympics. The giant rings reinstalled. Sport

A giant set of rings olympic, which was undergoing maintenance, returned to the seafront on Tuesday at Tokyo where local officials hope the symbol will reignite enthusiasm for the Games postponed until next summer due to the coronavirus. Promising vaccine trials have bolstered Tokyo’s hopes of finally hosting the Olympics, which is now slated to […]

Biden government. “No chance” for Neera Tanden, say the republicans

Neera Teeth, designated by Joe Biden to head the budget office at the White House, could struggle to get his confirmation in the Senate, under crossfire from Republicans who do not give him ” no chance “ to achieve this, and progressives deeming it too centrist. If confirmed by the Senate, currently controlled by Republicans, […]

In Iraq, the weakened power fears the American withdrawal

The year ends in bitterness and pessimism, and Iraq. Thirteen months later the start of a revolt that saw thousands of Iraqis take to the streets, to denounce a political class deemed incompetent and corrupt, the movement is slipping. Because of the Covid pandemic, surely. Out of weariness, perhaps. The country is experiencing a violent […]

Strasbourg. Six months in prison for anti-Semitism

A Strasbourg 38-year-old who frightened a Jewish graffiti artist and grabbed paint cans to mark the ground “Forbidden to Jews”, was sentenced Monday, November 30, 2020 to six months in prison by the Criminal Court Strasbourg for public provocation to the racial hatred and degradations. The court matched his sentence, in accordance with the prosecution’s […]

The Renaudot Prize rewards Marie-Hélène Lafon’s “Story of the Son”

The jurors of Renaudot prize, announced this Monday, November 30, in the wake of the Goncourt Prize (given to Hervé Le Tellier for The Anomalies), chose to reward Marie-Hélène Lafon who was among the six finalists for her novel Son’s story. It’s a journey of writing, editing, loyalty with a house that trusted someone who […]

Virtual Regatta. Which route to take today? Sport

The configuration on Virtual Regatta this Monday morning is final. The West group will cross the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope in the lead. The boats of the East group will pick up behind, and also wedge themselves on the perimeter of the depression from which the West group benefits. A good speed […]

Bordeaux. A demonstration “hijacked” in mass by traditionalist Catholics, at the

At least 300 people once again prayed this Sunday November 29 at Bordeaux (Gironde) during a mass, this time organized in the public garden, relays France Blue Gironde. The organizers had nevertheless assured the prefecture that “Protest demonstration” had to stand there, report Bordeaux News. The municipality assures that it had never authorized such an […]

Family businesses. Lacoste or the failure of a transmission

The conflict took over everything , explained the son, Michel Lacoste in 2012, to JDD. We are no longer able to live together, to organize the governance of this group in a rational framework. Today the family is split in two and no one is able to guide the company. In 1963, René Lacoste gave […]