‘The Nanny’ turns out to be a friend for children to learn online

loading… JAKARTA – Daily activities parents at time pandemic COVID-19 very heavy. There are those who work at WFH’s homes and some still have to work. (Also read: High Covid-19 Transmission, PJJ Still Best Choice in the Middle of Pandemic ) These conditions make parents who have school age children feel inconvenient, because they cannot […]

Fulfill Child Nutrition for Optimal Distance Learning

loading… JAKARTA – Process implementation Distance Learningis a challenge in itself for the Indonesian education ecosystem, especially for teachers, parents and children. Changes in habits in the teaching and learning process can have an impact on children if they are not handled properly, such as reducing children’s focus on learning, decreasing learning achievement, and ultimately […]

Avoid Children from Depression Due to Online Learning

loading… SITUATION due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has had a huge impact on the education sector in Indonesia. The face-to-face learning system has now been changed to distance learning (PJJ) or online. However, the PJJ system set has many obstacles in the implementation process. Lack of facilities due to adequate smartphone ownership and internet […]

Students in Gowa Dies of PJJ Depression, This Psychologist Says

loading… JAKARTA – One school student Winah over (SMA) with the initials MI in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, is suspected of committing suicide by drinking grass poison. Based on the information from the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gowa Police, AKP Jufri Natsir, the victim is suspected of being depressed because of […]