In the end, Credelder HTC lost three points

In Mülheim, Anton Boomes was able to take the lead in Krefeld before the young CHTC goalkeeper Lasse Kille was increasingly challenged. The lone 17-year-old goalkeeper made a good aggregate save but was unable to prevent Mülheim’s two goals. The visitors did well defensively, but the greatest danger came from the Mülheim team. Five minutes […]

Crefelder HTC expects Düsseldorfer HC to start

Andrè Schiefer’s women have an almost impossible task ahead of them with Düsseldorfer HC, champions of 2015, 2019 and 2022. After the resignations of Anna Causin, Julia Tondorf and Laura Schmitz, no more experienced pillars are available in the already young team. In addition, captain Johanna Schneider (half abroad), head of defense Nike Michler (injury) […]