De Blasio goes to Brooklyn to celebrate after the election

Dozens of supporters of President-elect Joe Biden gathered in Brooklyn’s Grand Army plaza to celebrate the announcement that casts him as the winner of the election. Mayor de Blasio and the first lady, Chirlane McCray, participated in this demonstration and spoke about Biden’s triumph, according to electoral projections. De Blasio also mentioned that Biden and […]

New Yorkers flood Times Square with euphoric electoral celebration

Within hours, after Joe Biden’s victory screening, hundreds of people flooded the streets around Times Square. They cheered, chanted, danced, and carried banners supporting the Democratic candidate and his vice president. Many say they feel as though a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders and that they needed to be in the crowd […]

Joy, relief in the streets of NY by Biden’s victory

The whistles sounded. People cheered, danced, lit firecrackers and banged on the lids of the pots. Some even jumped into a fountain as people from many parts of New York City stormed the celebration of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. News of the Associated Press screening of Biden’s victory instantly spread through […]

New York patiently and awaits election results

According to the predictions, the election results were not going to be immediately clear. But that doesn’t mean that New Yorkers feel less anxiety, excitement, or exhaustion throughout this process. We have the report, live from Washington Heights, on how people are feeling while waiting for the official winner. Visit the NY1 News page with […]