Viewing figures Chateau Meiland and Best Singers halved | NOW

Chateau Meiland has attracted 835,000 viewers on Thursday evening, according to figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SHOE). That is a significant decrease from last week, when one and a half million people watched the SBS6 program. NB: The information in this article is based on figures published by Stichting KijkOnderzoek on Friday morning. The relevant data […]

Milow about tears in Beste Zangers: ‘Conversations go on without a camera’ | NOW

Belgian singer-songwriter Milow, who can currently be seen in the thirteenth season of Dear Singers, thinks that the emotions in the program run so high because there are a lot of personal conversations. In conversation with, the singer says that these conversations also take place when the cameras are not running. “I know people […]

Stef Bos: ‘Dear Singers consists of emotions, not false tears’ | NOW

Stef Bos disagrees with critics Dear Singers label it as just a trough of tears on television. The tears in the music program are sincere, the singer explains on Wednesday AD. “They are not false tears, these are emotions that arise on top of a mountain because of the beauty of the view,” said Bos. […]

Dear Singers breaks own audience record with 1.6 million viewers | NOW

The music program Dear Singers has broken its own audience record on Thursday evening with 1.6 million viewers, figures from Friday show KijkOnderzoek Foundation. The old record of Dear Singers, in which artists perform songs from each other, dates from October 2019 and had more than 1.4 million viewers. In the first three episodes of […]

First episode Best Singers watched by over 1.3 million people | NOW

The first episode of the new season of Dear Singers has attracted 1.33 million viewers on Thursday evening. This made the music program the third most viewed program of the evening. In the new season of Dear Singers include Suzan & Freek, Miss Montreal and Stef Bos. The artists interpret each other’s songs in the […]