In Moscow, 31 people died with coronavirus per day

In the capital, 31 patients with coronavirus died in a day, according to the monitoring team for monitoring the situation with COVID-19. Thus, the number of deaths with coronavirus in Moscow amounted to 435 people. In the afternoon it was reported that in Russia 66 people died in 24 hours who were diagnosed with coronavirus. […]

new avenues of medical care for patients

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. – When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in mid-March, visits to medical offices fell precipitously as people stayed home to protect themselves from the virus. But the order to stay home has spurred people to seek medical help in another way: talking to a doctor by phone, email or video, according […]

Almost 46% of patients with coronavirus in the last day had no symptoms

45.9% of patients in whom COVID-19 coronavirus was detected in the last day did not have clinical manifestations of the disease (in absolute numbers – 2920 out of 6361 people). These cases were identified in actively contact persons, the operational headquarters for the fight against infection reports. Nearly half of asymptomatic patients were also reported […]

The Japanese exercise to tone the body at home with only four minutes a day

To japanese Kenichi Sakuma the ‘top models’ and celebrities consider him a guru of the sport. Thanks to your method simple and cash, has become an international ‘fitness’ coach’. With his tips and exercises, anyone may be able to keep your figure no need to perform training exhausting physics or impossible diets. In his new […]

from Madrid to Seville, all the marches for women’s day

The origin of International Women’s Day is certainly unstable, but what is certain is that the last few years has been a key day around the world. With nearly one million attendees at the 8M demonstration in Madrid in 2019 (375,000, according to the authorities), the day of March 8 has become a day of […]

Ates Kara: We can come to the top in 10 days!

Scientific Committee Member Ates Kara made evaluations about corona virus in RS FM with Atilla Güner in the Evening Post program. Kara used the following expressions in his statements: * Our case numbers, which we have newly diagnosed in the last 4 to 6 days, are around 4 thousand fixed. This is good for us. […]

postponement of WYD, May 8, deconfinement … most of the day of April 20

Thank you all for following this direct, the writing of The cross see you tomorrow. Find HERE all of our articles on the Covid-19 pandemic. ⇒ 7:10 p.m .: [RECAP’] Most of the day of April 20 ♦ The Covid-19 pandemic made more than 166,000 dead and over 2.4 million infected. ♦ The deconfinement started […]

Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%. JOSE: The return to open public spaces is a scenario contemplated in South Florida. The authorities consider a “new reality” to be the reopening of […]

In China, 46 cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day

Chinese authorities on Thursday reported 46 new cases of coronavirus, 34 of which were imported from outside the country. No new deaths from coronavirus recorded, said the PRC Of the internal cases, three were reported in Beijing. Four more cases were identified in the northeastern Heilongjiang province, reports AP. Recall that in China, 90% of […]