A child’s dream: “see me singing on Youtube”

“I just want a small cell phone to send my classes and my songs,” says Alan Mercedes innocently, because he does not have a way to receive and send the tasks assigned to him by his teachers. It was the sunny morning of last Sunday, when after 11:00 AM during a tour along the banks […]

Lawyers explain the release of Miky López, husband of a deputy from La Vega

La Vega, RD. Lawyers for the businessman from La Vega Miguel López Florencio (Miky López), explained the legal reasons why, according to what they understand, his client was released, after a judge changed his preventive prison for an economic guarantee of one million pesos as measure of coercion. Miky López, was imprisoned for 6 months, […]

SURGERY – Liver Transplant: Donate and help ease the waiting list!

The liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate itself. What makes it possible that more and more people dare to donate a fraction of their liver. The period of time that is required for it to reestablish and grow to its original size is six to eight weeks. At Cleveland […]

RECESSION – The stages: They continue with the lights off

When the Covid-19 pandemic last March 2020 forced the world to close the doors to all kinds of activities, for business owners and entertainment entrepreneurs, the uncertainty came accompanied by the hope that in a few months life would go back to its usual routine. Concerts, tours, shows, cinemas, theaters, patron saint festivities, carnivals, all […]

New York plans to reopen the city during the first half of June

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, advanced this Monday that he hopes to meet state requirements to begin the reopening of the five districts of the Big Apple during the first half of June and ruled out that the gradual return to normality after the closure by the pandemic will occur before that […]

COLLABORATION – What to do with rents, mortgages and personal debts?

A relatively long or relatively short problem. At the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses that rent their premises obtained facilities from the owner to pay their monthly payments. Now those owners are demanding their full monthly payment and are threatening to evict the tenants. They are owners, but they also have commitments and debts […]

New York City begins to wake up after 100 days of pandemic

New York began to wake up this Monday when it entered phase one of the reopening of the city after a hundred days of hiatus due to the pandemic, but it did so in an inconspicuous way, with the ghostly image of Manhattan stores still protected for fear of new looting due to protests against […]

REOPENING – New York City will begin its reopening process on June 8

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced this Friday that the city of the same name will begin phase one of its reopening on June 8, in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic. “Remember that reopening does not mean that we are going to go back to the way things were,” Cuomo has warned. […]

TELEVISION – The program La Hora del Deporte starts this afternoon

This Monday, January 4, will be the start of the La Hora del Deporte program, from 1 to 2 in the afternoon on CDN Deportes and Dominican View for the United States. The space will be broadcast from Monday to Friday and will host journalists Héctor J. Cruz, Neftalí Ruiz, Sussy Jimenez and Rafael Díaz. […]