Toyota has introduced a “smart” Corolla at the price of the Dacia Logan

Toyota Corolla has been around for 55 years (the model was introduced in 1966). The car is available in many markets. There are several dozen modifications in the model family, which differ in appearance and equipment. Now the company has shown an updated version of the Toyota Corolla at the price of the Renault Logan. […]

Renault Taliant is on sale. How is it different from sister Dacie Logan?

Taliant uses the same basis as the current Dacia Logan. However, it differs from it not only by its name and emblem on the hood, but also by other elements. Renault has been selling Dacia models with its features in selected summer markets. In the future, however, it wants to differentiate these sister models more […]

Dacia Logan (2021): So far, only the LPG version has Czech prices

Dacia launches a new generation of the Logan sedan on the Czech market. While the Sandero hatchback with the same technology is available with three different engines, the Logan offers only one. The Dacia brand reveals Czech awards and other key innovations this year. At the beginning of the year, a new price list for […]

Renault Taliant is coming. He is Dacie Logan’s brother for selected markets

Dacia Logan will once again be sold in selected markets with the brands of the parent Renault. This time, however, it will change more significantly and will have a new name. Dacia operates as a cheap brand within the Renault Group, which it achieves in various ways. It really only offers the equipment that customers […]

Dacia Logan and Sandero in other versions. One is made for the Czechs!

The new generations of Logan and Sander are currently reaping great success. This would certainly be the case in the case of other body variants, which, unfortunately, are not planned. With the arrival of the new Logan and Sander, Dacia made a huge leap forward. It is no longer just the recycled technology of the […]

The new Dacia Logan photographed in detail. Something tells us this will be a hit!

The third-generation Dacia Logan has already officially appeared, but we had to wait for detailed pictures of the exterior and interior. Now they are finally out. A few days ago, Dacia (respectively the parent Renault) first showed us pictures of the new generation of the model Logan, Sandero to Sandero Stepway. However, there were a […]