Revealed, COVID-19 Triggered Patient’s Immune System Attacking His Body …

loading… JAKARTA – Worldwide,immunologist join in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. They went to great lengths to explain why some people became so sick, while others recovered unscathed. (Also read: Six Institutions Develop Red and White Vaccines) One immunologist, Matthew Woodruff, also wrote his opinion on the page Live Science related to this phenomenon. The author […]

Remdesivir Doesn’t Work for COVID-19 Patients, This Is Proof!

loading… JAKARTA – Remdesivir, antiviral drugs, did not reduce deaths in between COVID-19 patients, compared to standard care, according to the results of a large international trial. (Also read: Remdesivir Drug Has Been Given To COVID-19 Patients at Friendship Hospital) Science news site, Live Science, previously reported, National Agency of Drug and Food Control The […]