Covid-19 patient dies after being raped by a nurse in an Indian hospital

Illustration: sexual harassment. rape violence kidnapping fornication (Source: Shutterstock / MADHYA PRADESH, KOMPAS.TV – A Covid-19 patient in India died hours after being raped by a nurse. The incident took place at a hospital in Bhopa, Madhya Pradesh state. The police revealed the tragic incident, Thursday (13/5/2021), after the suspect was arrested. Also Read: […]

Understand the Danger Days of Disease Development in Covid-19 Patients

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Covid-19 will be more dangerous and deadly for comorbid owners. But actually, there are some days that are considered crucial on Covid-19 patients which needs more stringent monitoring. Marking a calendar when the first symptoms of illness and monitoring fever and oxygen levels are important steps in monitoring coronavirus infection. Symptoms of […]

A Covid-19 Patient Raped by Nurse, Dies Hours Later

BHOPAL, – One Covid-19 patients of India died with him before raped male maintenance. The 43-year-old female patient’s condition worsened when she told the police about the incident. Also read: Only the two of them in an ambulance, a Covid-19 patient girl raped by a driver in a quiet place Police said he was […]

Reasons for Compulsory Vitamin D Supplements for Covid-19 Patients – Covid-19 patients need the intake of nutrients and vitamins to increase immunity. One of them is necessity vitamin D which plays an important role in maintaining and increasing body immunity. The Association of Internal Medicine Specialists has recommended vitamin D as one of the nutrients that Covid-19 patients must receive during treatment. “There […]

7 countries with the worst Covid-19 spike, 4 from Southeast Asia – Not only India, a number of other countries have also recorded a very high spike in Covid-19 cases after the curve slipped. Then what needs to be careful again, of the seven countries that are all from Asia, four of them are in the Southeast Asian region. According to the data Worldometers Until […]

Doctor in India Commits Suicide Due to Depression Handling Surges of Covid-19 Cases

Doctor Vivek Rai (Source: Twitter) NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.TV – Young doctor in India, dr. Vivek Rai, who is assigned to a private hospital in New Delhi, India, eventually chose to commit suicide after experiencing depression after treating 7-8 critical patients every day in the hospital. The growing number of Covid-19 positive patients has overwhelmed many […]

Tips for Safe Ramadan Fasting for COVID-19 Patients

Jakarta – Fasting Ramadan is a form of worship that is awaited by Muslims. However, what if it gets infected Corona? Can it still be safe to fast? “If there are no symptoms, it means that there are no symptoms, please fast, but observe, because once again we are under observation, there are no symptoms. […]

Dry Mouth and Hearing Loss, Latest Symptoms of Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Be careful, the latest research reveals dry mouth to the point of hearing loss symptoms of Covid-19 which is unusual. This symptom began to appear in some patients. According to a recent report from the National Institute of Health, half of Covid-19 patients experience symptoms of oral disease during infection. As Covid-19 […]

Why Covid-19 Patients Often Experience Shortness of Breath, Here’s the Explanation – From the beginning Covid-19 known as a respiratory disease. Those who are infected often experience respiratory problems that make it difficult to breathe. It is also not uncommon to feel suffocated. How a person gets symptoms depends largely on how the virus starts infecting your vital organs. Hard to breathe, for example, is […]