Indians Angry, Cricket Millionaires Keep Competing in the Covid-19 Hotspot City

NEW DELHI, – Indians pouring out anger on social media over “strange” decision Indian Premier League (IPL) to continue playing at hotspot Covid-19 New Delhi. Meanwhile, the Indian capital is being hit by a terrible new wave of Covid-19. The death toll is increasing and their health care system is on the brink of […]

Covid-19 in India is raging, the government silences critical voices

NEW DELHI, – Government India ask Twitter to remove dozens of tweets criticizing the handling of the outbreak corona virus in India. The request was made by the Indian government after the country recorded the worst number of cases Covid-19 in a day. As a result, many people including politicians and local parliamentarians criticized […]

India’s Covid-19 Crisis Getting More Severe, China and the US Ready to Send Help Page all

BEIJING, – Case Covid-19 India experienced a sharp increase exacerbated by a critical medical oxygen deficiency. The number of daily Covid-19 cases in India reached unprecedented levels internationally for the second day in a row. Around 332,730 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded as of Friday (23/4/2021), along with 2,263 deaths. Also read: India […]

Corona in India Worsens, Many Patients Are Now Young

NEW DELHI, – Pandemic Covid-19 India is getting worse, and many of the patients are young. Some doctors suspect that people under the age of 45 are susceptible to catching it because they go to work and eat out frequently, but there is no definite evidence. Young children could also be more susceptible to […]