Arcane Research: the close correlation of bitcoin with the S&P 500 is alarming

The price of bitcoin again closely correlates with the dynamics of the US stock market. Fears of a possible worsening of the situation with the coronavirus may pull stocks and, therefore, the cryptocurrency market. This is stated in the report of the Norwegian company Arcane Research. To our Russian community:We published the first weekly newsletter […]

Analysis: is there a correlation between Reddit and the Bitcoin price? | 05/23/20

It is no surprise that Bitcoin is being discussed more and more frequently on the Internet in times of strong price fluctuations. A data analyst took a close look at the relationship between Reddit and Bitcoin’s price development – and found an astonishing correlation. • Correlation between Reddit posts and Bitcoin prices • Analysis establishes […]

Vitamin D deficiency promotes mortality

From one population to another, mortality from Covid-19 varies. Even today, the causes of these variations are not well understood. But researchers suggest that a vitamin D deficiency may be to blame. Less than a month ago, ANSES, theNational Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety reminded us of the importance of ensuring adequate […]

Kissing often delays menopause

Having regular sex would delay the onset of menopause. English researchers have shown that, for women who have intimate relationships at least once a week, the period of permanent cessation of their period is reduced by 28% compared to those who have less than one report per month . According to their study published Wednesday […]

Report: Bitcoin trading volumes more than doubled

Over the past week, Bitcoin trading volumes increased by 126%. This is stated in the last report research firm Arcane Research. According to analysts, during the holidays, trading activity was “at alarmingly low levels.” “Nearly $ 1.5 billion in trading volumes on January 8 indicate a sharp recovery in the market from the disappointing $ […]